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How to Request Area Rug Appraisals

In order for us to expedite your area rug appraisals in the most appropriate way we need to have the followings

  • >> A clear photo from the whole face of the rug.
  • >> A clear photo from the whole back of the rug
  • >> A close photo of the corner back of the rug include fringes.
  • >> A photo of half of the rug
  • >> Measurements in foot and inches
  • >> A brief description of the area rugs, its condition, check the back and front of the rug for holes, odor, mildew stains worn areas if any, foundation deterioration, moth damages, torn places and patches.

How to Take Photos, Examples

Online Appraisal Fees

  • $ 99.00 for rug with value up to $ 7,000.00
  • $ 275.00 for rug with value up to $ 14,000.00
  • $ 375.00 for rug with value up to $20,000.00
  • Over $ 20,000.00 rug need on site inspection.

For New York city on site inspection please email us at